Radio Ernstiwan HowTo

This is Radio Ernstiwan, the radio made by Ernst for Ernst (and whoever else might enjoy it). If you want to tune in you need a media player which is able to handle network streams: VLC, Winamp and many others do the job. If you want to do a stream yourself, then you need a software which is able to create an audio stream and direct it to an Icecast-server, because that is what the radio is running on. The most popular setup is to use your butt, and in case you need to have more than one input channel (for example microphone and music) to use butt and VoiceMeeter combined. With VoiceMeeter you can define multiple input channels and direct them into a virtual output channel, which butt recognizes.

For streaming you'll also need an account. Radio Ernstiwan has a public stream which everyone can use when it's not occupied. You can get the necessary connection data on Ernstchan. There are also personal accounts, which can be used by regular streamers to ensure that they can't be blocked by someone else. In case you want to get a personal account, write a mail to ernstiwan at, our dedicated 24/7 radio helpdesk team will immediatly start working on your request!

Happy streaming!